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Crystal City

Game Developer, Art Designer, Fabricator

Summer 2019

Crystal City is set in a fantasy world to encourage players to transfer over into real-life race relations and increase players’ empathy.Players experience a range of more/less obvious facets of discrimination ranging from institutionalized racism to micro-agressions.

Players build a character at the beginning of the game, with a randomly assigned race. The player’s race affects the probability of attaining certain starting character stats. After this phase, players go around the table rolling a die/dice, experiencing events, and making decisions to advance along the path toward a final goal of entering the "Crystal City". These events are also affected by the player’s race.

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The Starting Point

There are four races: Human, Elf, Dwarf and Orc and three neighborhood: Tower, Cottage and Hut that players may start with by their dice rolling at the beginning

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The Collecting Point

Three items players starting with by their races and collecting during the game are Gold, Health and Prestige


The Character Sheet

The paper sheet for each player to collect their stats during the game


The Fortune Card

The fortune card records the events that player may happen to draw at the event place. Each event's result may depend on players' races


The Job Card

The job card records the job that players could get at the job gate by the demanding education level and the correspoding payment at each pay day

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