Summer Research

Research Assistant

Functional dependency discovery

  • Discovered genuine functional dependencies from collected datasets

  • Adopted a statistical perspective between FD discovery and structure learning in probabilistic graphical models

  • Discovered FDs from a noisy data set is equivalent to structure of a model over binary random variables

  • Built a framework to recover true functional dependencies across data sets


  • Read the Turing Computability Theory and Applications with the help of the instructor

  • Met the instructor one hour per week for discussion

  • Representation of the Turing Computability 

Course Project

Introduction to Optimization

Optimization of police stations location in Milwaukee

  • Collected data from open source to get the locations of past crime spots and police stations in Milwaukee

  • Adopted MIP model in the GAMS,the General Algebraic Modeling System, to find the best position for adding one police station

Security and Privacy in Data Science​

Impossible Results for Fairness

  • Exploring the Algorithmic Fairness problem by proving the computational tractability of non-trivial fairness assignment problem.

Some source code will be uploaded in my Github site soon

Data Management for Data Science​

Twitter Sentiment Analysis

  • Loading and cleaning twitter data

  • Derive the sentiment of each tweet

  • Derive the sentiment of new terms