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Queen's Quest

Game Developer,Programmer

Fall 2019

Queen's Quest is a single-player RPG game.players will explore a medieval fantasy world and fight the enemies that stand in their way to reach their goal. Players will navigate a pixel map, going to various towns, cities, dungeons, etc. across multiple biomes in order to meet with other NPCs for the progress of the game story and their respective character arcs. 

Our learning objective of Queen's Quest is to instill a feminist consciousness in a genre that is typically characterized by tropes which either objectify, villify, or patronize female characters/party members. Additionally, we hope to incorporate other underrepresented groups in the genre, including queer individuals and people of color. 


Five Stones to Collect

The five stones in each kingdom is the final goal of the game


Main Character

The main character Zora is  the Princess of Arbordale, the Forest Kingdom. Her father has been dispeared mysteriously


Team to Build

The team that Zora could build during her advanture

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